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I am....

Melanin. Rays of the sunlight smudged against my skin

My complexion, an art form of emotion

Skin tight, every pigment bounded together

Alined in perfect harmony

50 shades of Melanin, covered in 50 lashes

Double glassed for 50 years

My skin an obligation for setting standards

I've been categorised by laws of endorsement

Once bings and queens with sliver and gold

We went backward, on rags to riches

Made me want to look like this

...wear my hair like this

.....and talk like this

so I can dis-associate myself from my roots

I am a intelligent black woman,

where beauty is redefined

Yet still lost in translation

The humiliation of cutting off my mic and singing my song

Little girls dreaming to be the colour of happy ever after

So she’s sings, I am bold, i am beautiful, i am bright

I am..... Melanin

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