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Our mission is to champion, support and encourage ethnic minority women to share their stories and lived experience and normalise conversations about mental health.


Our vision is for all ethnic minority women to be empowered to live happy and healthy lives.


●  Integrity- we strive to be honest, transparent, and ethical in all we do

●  Community - we work with the members of our community to co-design, co-create and co-produce our services

●  Respect-we treat  everyone with dignity and respect and provide a service that meets the diverse needs of our community

●  Excellence-we are committed to providing excellent care and support for all who participate in our services

●  Courage - we are dedicated to empowering women to use their voices to make change and stand up for what is right

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Several Seats is a social enterprise that promotes positive mental health in women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

We create a safe space for peer-to-peer support and learning, where ethnic minority women have a seat at the table where they can be seen and heard. Our services are informed by lived experience and provide access to different networks and opportunities for learning and development.  


Several Seats seeks to inspire, empower, and educate the women in our community. We have several different programmes, projects, events and campaigns for you to get involved in.





Government statistics show that Black African/Caribbean and Black British individuals have higher rates of mental illness and are therefore more likely to encounter mental health services. Minority ethnic groups are disproportionately affected by health inequalities and unfortunately there is a lack of representation in the health care service. They unfortunately do not accurately mirror the population that they seek to serve.

  • PTSD is higher in women of black ethnic origin and this is related to the higher levels of sexual assaults that they experience: however, women of black ethnic origin are less likely to report or seek help for assaults or trauma

  • Ethnic minority groups are more frequently subjected to involuntary psychiatric hospitalisation than others, particularly young, black men

  • More than one in five Black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people (22 per cent) have experienced an eating disorder in the last year compared to 11 per cent of white LGBT people.

  • Asylum seekers and refugees are more likely to experience poor mental health than the local population, including higher rates of depression, PTSD and other anxiety disorders.

  • Women of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are at an elevated risk of schizophrenia


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Joan OluwaBusola Idowu is the CEO and Founder of  Several Seats.  
She is the winner of the 2023 Anjol Malde Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year award and Silver Award Winner for the 2023 SME National Young Business Person of The Year.
Alongside managing the company, Joan works as an Assistant Psychologist for the Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. She is a woman with lived experience of mental health difficulties and is passionate about making a change in society. Joan has learnt that there is so much power in finding your voice and knowing how to use it. This is why I named the organisation 'Several Seats' so that minority women can finally have a seat at the table.


Several Seats was born from a conversation between a daughter and her mother and five simple words that change their lives. Joan shares openly how she struggled with her mental health and during a very turbulent time, her mum settled her mind with just four simple words, “take a seat, let’s talk".For the first time, they spoke about their mental health difficulties and generational trauma. That conversation changed everything and it made Joan think about the barriers and challenges that make it harder for women of colour to access mental health services and talk about mental health. Joan wanted to create a safe space for women to take a seat at the table...several seats at the table.

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KS Director

Kimrim Sohal

SO Director

Sefunmi Olatunji

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Tumaini Machary

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 Sidrah Khokhar

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Joan Idowu

Joan Idowu

Company Director


Ashleigh Bailey

Events Coordinator

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Ijeoma Madubuike

Programme Lead

Edman Kabadeh - Grant and Community Support Assistant

Edman Kabadeh

Support Assistant


Diana Kucharska

Social Media Manager


Beauty Igein

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Aisha Fiaz

Swimming Coordinator 


Kinnari Mistri

Fundraising Assistant

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Rabiya Omer

Human Resources

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Bello Hannah

Support Assistant


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