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The Several Seats Mentorship Scheme aims to promote and facilitate professional development for women aspiring to work in the field of mental health. The scheme offers personal and professional mentoring for 8 months and will be on an online cloud-based app platform.


Aims of the scheme:

This scheme provides support to women to develop and strengthen their portfolio as well as get their foot through the door of a competitive and demanding industry. The scheme also provided support for those at the academic stage. 


We address the imbalance of diversity and inclusiveness within mental health services. In the longer term, this scheme helps to achieve the strategic aim of increasing the number of women from ethnic minority backgrounds in mental health services and on mental health courses across the UK. 


What the scheme offers:

This scheme offers a specified number of mentoring opportunities, which aim to provide mentees with encouragement, support and advice from experienced professionals or graduates. The scheme helps the mentee realise their potential and fulfil their research career aspirations.


Eligibility criteria:

The scheme is available for All women from ethnic minority backgrounds at ANY stage of their career (From applying to uni all the way to applying for a senior role. Graduates (undergrad, master, phd), working professionals and other experienced individuals are invited to take on mentoring roles. Mentees and Mentors will be expected to committee to at least 1 hour a month for their one to one sessions.

Sign up below wether you are interested in joining as a mentee or a mentor.

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The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

- Steven Spielberg

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