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Start chasing the fear of failure

Have you ever been so afraid of failing that you decide not to even try to pursue your dreams at all? Many of you reading have probably experienced this in one situation or the other, but ultimately, we all view failure differently. For me, the very aspect of fear that I saw as a stumbling block soon became a stepping stone to my success once I started chasing what I feared the most.... failure. Fear is simply an illusion of the mind and failure is an opportunity to apply a lesson learnt where failure is just a source of feedback on your current level.

Just a few months ago I came across a bible study plan on YourVersionBible called ‘Chasing Failure’ and the question that caught my attention was ‘What if losing was the quickest way to win?’. I started to think about how I can start using failure to my own advantage, to fuel my ambition than drain my vision. I soon realised that the feeling of humiliation and shame that come with my first failed attempt was a temporary emotional reaction and only had as much control over me as I allowed it. So, what have you been postponing because of the fear of failure? It is not fear itself that will stop you from achieving your goals, but it is the decisions you make or even the ones you don’t make because of that fear that will stop you from making progress. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or fear of success, overcoming our fears is one of the most important steps to personal development.

When I was young believe it or not, I was shy and at one point in my life and I hated public speaking. I managed to develop a stutter, and I lost a lot of my confidence. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I got too familiar with fear and fear got too familiar with me and It became my new norm until I learnt that with every unfinished task or second-placed award came wisdom and knowledge to apply to the next attempt. In changing my perspective, I learnt to grow, lost my stutter and I have not stopped talking since. The most important lesson I learnt was that failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result. Failure doesn’t make you a failure; it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.

Fear is the greatest form of self-sabotage. Its time you redefine what failure is and what success looks like. Run towards what you fear the most. Start retraining your brain to go after new challenges and stretch your comfort zone.

So, in the words of Aaliyah, If at first you don't succeed (first you don't succeed), pick yourself up and try again.

Yours Sincerely

Joan Idowu

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