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Nigeria Bleeds and Pleads for Change

Today my heart cries out for the PEOPLE of Nigeria, my heart cries out for the NATION and my heart cries out for the future of my MOTHERLAND. This cry is for change, reformation, transformation and the rebirth of a new Nigeria.

On Tuesday 20th October 2020 the Nigerian government left its people in sorrow, tears and blood. On this day the executive governor of Lagos state, Babajide sanwo-Olu issued a 24-hour curfew with the intention to withhold the citizens from exercising their constitutional rights to protest against police brutality. Army officials were sent out to carry out this order. which later resulted in a massacre at the Lekki Toll Gate where police opened fire at peaceful protesters.

We want justice for the silent voices that lost their lives fighting for the future of Nigeria, the dedicated fallen heroes, the ones the country failed and the ones who died fighting.

SARS (Special Anti- Robbery Squad) was assembled in the year 1992 after a large number of armed robberies escalated. However, this power was abused and activist have been demanding change for years. With the recent daily #ENDSARS protests, the Nigerian government have been placed under immense pressure to respond and act accordingly. Crime is one of the biggest problems in Nigeria, but we are seeing the very people that are supposed to protect our citizens from criminals become criminals themselves. SARS agents have been called out for unspeakable crimes against the people including unlawful arrests, torture, murder and other forms of brutality.

Some of you may be asking, how can something like this happen? It falls down to zero accountability, silenced voices and unchecked police power but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. For the past 11 days, Nigeria has witnessed an incredible outpouring of support and sharing with #EndSARS protests having been held in more than 30 Nigerian cities. The people have made the decision to bring down ideologies, cultural traditions, cultural norms and corrupt systems.

Some of us might have families, friends, brothers and sisters in Nigeria and can’t help but feel hopeless and frustrated. So…

What can I do?

1. Stay Informed and educated, find out more about what is going on in Nigeria

2. Use your voice and amplify what is going on! Keep sharing any and all information on various platforms

3. Make donations to organisations that are support the movement

4. Sign Petitions

5. Protests but do so safely, gather with your communities to show support.

We will not be silent; our voices will be heard, and change must come. WE STAND FOR ALL OR WE STAND FOR NONE!

Yours sincerely

Joan Idowu

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