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A Mental Health Service by Ethnic Minority 
Women for Ethnic Minority Women

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We seek to empower women to recognise their unique talents & create an avenue for those skills to flourish.


We seek to inspire our women to take control, & reclaim their passion, power, and purpose

in life. 


We understand to educate a woman is to educate a nation & it is a tool we can use to change the world. It can help gain equal treatment for people who experience both mental health & other forms of discrimination. 

Events: Save Your Seat

  • 22 Jun 2024, 12:30 – 14:00
    Benjamin’s, 7 Upper George St, Luton LU1 2QX, UK
    It’s Learning Disability Week!!! Come and join us on Saturday for a time to shared learning, good vibes and even better food! There is something really special about sisterhood and that’s what Several Seats is all about.
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Several Seats is a social enterprise that promotes positive mental health in women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

We create a safe space for peer-to-peer support and learning, where ethnic minority women have a seat at the table where they can be seen and heard.

Our services are informed by lived experience and provide access to different networks and opportunities for learning and development.

We continuously seek  to focus  on creating access to different networks and opportunities for learning  development 

Joan and Ade talking
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